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Lois Tiller is an award winning writer based in the greater Los Angeles area. Her equine themed novel, Stairway To Heaven, is growing in popularity among horse lovers and race fans. The book is published by Webstorm Entertainment and was adapted to screenplay by Tiller.



As the author of Stairway To Heaven, I want to give my voice and my support to the growing effort to reform horse racing in the United States.

Groundbreaking legislation has been introduced in the California State Legislature to address the recent spate of racing related fatalities at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles. If passed, SB 469 by Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa will grant significant regulatory power to the state racing board. If you reside in California, please support this legislation by contacting your State Representative to demand action.  

I also urge you to get involved in other ways. I hope you'll volunteer at a local horse rescue organization, donate generously to one of the wonderful charities that save horses, and support our story. The time has never been better for us – you, me and the world community of people who believe in the humane treatment of animals – to come together and reform the racing industry.

Stairway to Heaven is important to people like you and me - not just because it will entertain and inspire us - but because the story contains a powerful message about the humane treatment of horses. Given the intense and inspirational nature of the novel, I believe it will help raise public awareness and bring about a positive change.

Please contact me to learn more about Stairway To Heaven.

                                                                                                           -- Lois Tiller

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